What API-first SaaS providers do you use?

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I stumbled upon an interesting article in the recent issue of Stripe’s Increment Magazine. Now, I'd like to learn how popular are cloud providers in todays software development world (not only startup). Can you tell me if you use API-driven SaaS providers in your projects? If so, what are they. If not, why not?

BTW, I've compiled a list of new and noteworthy API platforms and am happy to extend it with your suggestions.

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We literally do everything through cloud providers. Both hosting/infrastructure (Heroku, Fastly AWS & co.) and business logic stuff (Algolia, Stripe, & co.)


Interesting. I'm currently working on a project switching a company from using sitecore as its CMS to using contentful as a headless CMS. This is then integrating with a react front end hosted on netlify as a static website with Algolia for full site Search and twilio for any customer Comms.


Today even the simplest website should use cdn for files(uploaded images) and in most cases some provider for mailing.
Other stuff is pretty optional but if you're going small you can get benefit of saas for search like algolia.

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