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A Call For Developers To Be United

I'd like to share this video with all of you , and hear your thoughts. It's very important to watch the video first.
However, I'm going to sum up the main points of the video.

main points:
1 - stop reinventing the wheel. The number of programming languages out there is distracting , and most importantly they add nothing new fundamentally.

2- NO corporations own any programming languages.Instead, an organization will be responsible for all the standards and technical specifications.

3- if we didn't do this by our own will, there will be sooner or later some rising of horrific tragedy caused by a bug that leads to lawsuits against developers. Which then leads governments to step in and regulate us! tells us what language to use and how to use it.As an attempt to prevent such an accident to happen again.

The video: (fast forward to the minute 27:20 )

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Nathan Standiford

Gosh. This guy is something. The main reasons to come up with a new programming language is:

  • Reduce learning curve, thereby increase community around language
  • Solve some technical issue that other languages haven’t solved

We still have some way to go when it comes to lowering the learning curve. Also, there are still technical challenges to solve.

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Gonna give a try with Clojure

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"Stop reinventing the wheel", I can sympathize with that (although you shouldn't go tell for instance a Rust developer to go use Javascript!)

The other points, I dunno.