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Cheatsheet for cheatsheets

Whether you are a professional programmer or just writing your first "Hello world" program, there is nothing better than a cheat sheet for an instant reference. You will probably not want to read the whole documentation just to figure out how to make a POST request to the server, will you? Cheat sheets can certainly make stuff simple.

But finding out the best cheat sheet for your needs can sometimes be a little difficult. So, I thought why not make a cheat sheet for a cheat sheet? Sounds interesting, right?

Most of the readers here are web dev. So, to shorten the list, I have included only the related cheat sheets on the list. However, if you can't find the right one for your needs, you can always take a look here

The list is divided into these 5 sections

  • General programming languages
  • Web dev
  • Frameworks
  • DevOps/others
  • Tools

1. General programming languages

3. Frameworks

4. DevOps

5. Tools

I hope that was helpful. I will refer you here or here if you want more cheat sheets like this.

Until next time, happy coding for you.

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Jazakallah khair

That helps a lot

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Walaiqum assalam
You are most welcome