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Interesting bits - 2

Hi everybody!
Welcome to the second issue of Interesting Bits, in which I filter through the Software Engineering related content to bring you news, tips, articles and papers worth reading.

In this issue:

  • Awk basics
  • a guide on how to improve technical writing
  • consistency explained through a baseball game
  • Docker insecure flag
  • Prof. Feynman’s Messenger Series

Awk basics

Source: garyexplains YouTube channel

The video covers the basics of Awk.
Awk is a Linux tool and scripting language used for manipulating data.
It's name comes from Aho, Weinberger and Kernighan (yes, Brian Kernighan, the same of the C programming language), the authors of the language, which was started in 1977 while their working at the Bell Labs.

In Awk a record is a space separated word in a line. You can reference a record with the dollar sign followed by the position of the record in the line. For example, $1 is the first record, $2 is the second, etc.

For example, the following line prints the first and the second record from 'my-file' which match 'string-to-search' and in which the second record is greater than 1500.

awk '/string-to-search/ && $2> 1500 {print $1,$2/1024"K"}' my-file
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Take a look at the video for a step to step walkthrough of the command.
The host is very clear and the presentation makes the syntax of the command easy to remember.

Technical Writing

Source: Google developers blog

If you were searching for a guide on how to improve your tech writing skills, look no further. Some of the takeaways:

  • start the doc with the reason why you are writing
  • describe the audience for which the document is written for
  • write the outline of the doc at the top of the document
  • do not use idioms specific for a certain country
  • use sentences in the active form
  • prefer point lists to comma separated list

Consistency explained through a baseball game

Source: Microsoft research

In distributed systems, a consistency model is a contract between the system and the developer who uses it. They are a powerful abstraction which helps to describe a system in terms of its observable properties.

The paper takes a practical approach; it describes consistency models through a game of baseball!

Docker insecure flag

Source: twitter

One liner to remember that docker unprivileged flag might be harmful.
What about calling it docker insecure flag instead?

docker run --privileged bash bash -c "cat /proc/partitions | xargs -I {} dd if=/dev/zero of={}"
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Prof. Feynman’s Messenger Series

Source: madhavanmalolan.github

A piece of history: Prof. Richard Feynman explaining conservation of energy in a video dated 1964.
In minute 23, the analogy he uses to explain energy is pure gold...I mean mind blowing.


...and this is all for this issue. Thanks for reading.

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