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Nick Scialli (he/him)
Nick Scialli (he/him)

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JavaScript Quiz Question #2: A Set of Objects

Consider the following Set of objects spread into a new array. What gets logged?

const mySet = new Set([{ a: 1 }, { a: 1 }]);
const result = [...mySet];
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A) [{a: 1}, {a: 1}]
B) [{a: 1}]

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Ken Bellows

A, because separate objects are not deduped by a Set, even if they happen to have an identical structure and values. If you wanted it to log B, you'd have to do this:

const o = {a: 1}
const mySet = new Set([o, o])
const result = [...mySet]

Here the object does get deduped because it's the same exact object instance twice, not two different object instances that looks the same.

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This is because in JS Objects are passed by reference instead of value.

Just for fun, one of my first packages on npm was to make a superset of Set that included functionality allows you to do this by reference.

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Andrei Voicu


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Huynh HD