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Building my first Pro site

Hi. I am a recent graduate that has built a lot of sites from scratch, some using JS and Sass, some using WordPress and other CMS's. I've just been asked by a friend to build a pro website for his business in New Zealand that will do very well over the next 2 years. (he's in Corporate Fraud Investigation). It just occurred to me that I've only ever used GitHub and/or Netlify to run my sites. The wordpress sites have been managed through Blue Host. Is the backend of this pro site I am about to build simply managed through the host of my choice's C-panel? Or do I really need to dive deep into backend tutorials to make this work?
I'd really like to deploy to Netlify via github (for git pushing purposes) but I'm nervous about the site's size as it grows over time.
I will be building something similar to this (content and style)
Many thanks

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