Can Developers Help #BlackLivesMatter?

nathanheffley profile image Nathan Heffley ・1 min read

Are there any open-source projects that need contributors or other ways that we as developers could use our unique skills to help improve racial equality?


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Here is a project collecting incidents of police brutality throughout the protests....

GitHub logo 2020PB / police-brutality

Repository containing evidence of police brutality during the 2020 George Floyd protests

Police Brutality During the 2020 George Floyd Protests

New to GitHub? Just want to report an incident?

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👉🏿 Report it here! 👈🏻

For more information on contributing to this repository please consult the contribution guidelines.

This repository exists to accumulate and contextualize evidence of police brutality during the 2020 George Floyd protests.

Our goal in doing this is to assist journalists, politicians, prosecutors, activists and concerned citizens who can use the evidence accumulated here for political campaigns, news reporting, public education and prosecution of criminal police officers.

This was first started as a megathread on the subreddit /r/2020PoliceBrutality but after being overwhelmed by people looking to contribute, we decided to make a github repository so that everyone who wants to can easily contribute to the project directly.

If you are here looking for evidence of police brutality, please refer to the table of contents for links…

And here is an API endpoint from which one could build a pretty/consumable frontend. I'm sure there are already some, but I'd think this would be a decent project.

Of course, finding organizations that need developer volunteers in general would be big... With this I think key is maintaining enthusiasm after protests regress.

I'll also say... Donate! 🙂


From my point of view, it's all about education. If you have a big project, you have more voice to help BLM.
On React webpage or Dev.to sidebar, there is a message for supporting community. Including diversity in your community and/or in your business will help a lot.

For application ideas you can take a look to some inspirations:


replacing "blacklist" and "whitelist" naming in our repos by something similar like "restricted" and "authorized"


It would be much cleaner and easier to understand at face-value if it were left as "Blacklist" and "Whitelist." Those words have nothing to do with humans, and have nothing to do with the color brown (which is the color of every human's skin). Maybe we should not call people "Black" or "White", instead?


Another interesting project (Not specifically BLM) lawsuit.org/keeping-cops-accountable/

"Scraping Court Records Data to Find Dirty Cops"
Want to contribute to a larger project to collect this data from many more counties? Join our slack here: join.slack.com/t/policeaccountabil...


That join link has expired. Not sure if you're part of the project. Is there another link that you can share?


I'm afraid not involved in that project, I just saw and thought it might interest this list.

However, the author of the article "Kirstin" probably can be reached via lawsuit.org/contact-us/

Sorry not to be of more help.


Promote blackgirlscode.org among peers, or donate some portion of proceeds of any app to that or any organization that helps to make the world a better place. Listen, watch, and stand up to any form of discrimination in the workplace; reach out to those different from yourself, and learn from them. Asking this sort of question here suggests you're on the right path!