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How to develop the habit of coding

A habit is a path, formed in your brain.

The more you follow a habit, the more established that path will become.

So how do you create a new habit ?
Develop a habit loop
According to anonymous in his/her book "The power of habit", all habits are a behavioral loop made up of - CUE --> ROUTINE --> REWARD

The cue is something that triggers you to follow the routine , in order to experience the reward at the end.

Every habits follows this loop.To create a new habit, try to come up with a loop that you can start trying to follow.

Example habit loop of coding:
Lets say you want to start coding as part of your daily routine. Here's how that could look:

Cue : First thing in the morning after brushing your teeth.

Routine : You will go to your computer and work on coding for half an hour or so.

Reward : You will feel more productive and happy that you are working towards your goals !

Starting a new habit is difficult, because the routine hasn't been established yet. At this point, it takes a lot of willpower to continue following the routine.
But the more you keep at it, the more ingrained it becomes. Once a habit has been established, it will actually seem easier to follow the habit than to break up your routine !

Another point from the book is if you set one good habit, it can become "keystone" habit and lead to another good habits.
For example, if you start exercising every day, you could more easily develop other good life habits like eating more healthily or being more mindful of your spending habits.

Let me know in comments⬇️👇 which good habits you want to form, or even which bad habits you want to break !

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Aftab Syed

Great article from a young 17 years old web developer! Keep it up dude.

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Naveen Soni • Edited

Thanks Sir☺️