Which ORM to use for build an API with NodeJS ?

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Hello @everyone

I want to create an API with nodejs and express to delivery some information.

I have check some solution but i'm always lost.

I will use a relational database and the API will be consumed by a React application.

whatever you say to me will be useful.

Thank you

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Which relational DB? If it is Postgresql you might want to consider a data mapper like @dmfay 's Massive.js


I do not have my choice yet. but it will be postgre or mysql. but if you know of another less heavy database it's good


Maybe if you can tell me more about what kind of app it is and what kind of data you have to deal with I can think of an alternative. But if the data is relational I would choose PostgreSQL

It's a simple platform who user can register and login, they can complete their profile and follow other.

Hi Nenba!

It seems like you're describing the basics of a social network :)

I don't know which constraints you have but I think you can map everything on top of a relational DB, if you outgrow it there are better solutions for the "follow other" part


most ORMs for Node have a disorganized and cluttered API.

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