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Nilay Jayswal for Neverinstall

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"But it works on my machine"?

We all have heard this at least once in our software development experience. Developers set up a preferred environment on their laptop/desktop or the team’s shared development workspace. And though we try to replicate the setup manually, we often end up with configuration and environment issues.


Works on every machine!

At Neverinstall, we host developer tools on a cloud machine; this allows the user to share the entire instance and replicate it with consistency.

How does this help developers?

  • Zero setup time for dev environments
  • Eliminates manual configuration of dev environments
  • Pre-configured and pre-installed environments with support for several programming languages help developers focus on coding.

Have you encountered these issues? Let’s discuss.

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ecyrbe • Edited

This issue has been solved almost 10 years ago with containers and especially with docker.

No need for cloud for that.

Putting everything on the cloud is a bad Idea.

What happens if you loose your internet connexion ? Stop developping?

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Ram Pasala

Cofounder of Neverinstall here. I want to keep my bias aside and putting up following points purely as a fellow developer - Docker is a good abstraction layer for dev environments no doubt about that but developers still have to pull the image and use it locally. Also there is a learning curve to use docker among developers. Majority of this is handled by devops engineers.

Now imagine any developer regardless of their expertise can share their entire machine and collaborate in real time with the IDE in an instant. So Neverinstall basically streams your entire app to the browser. You can use the same dev environment/machine and share with your peers in an instant without any effort with pre-installed languages and stacks.

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I understand what your product is trying to achieve. No doubt that technically it might be easier.

I used similar products (github codespaces, redhat codeready workspaces, gitpod)... As a curious professionnal developper i like testing these products.

But in the end, none are making me more productive than a good docker compose setup.

As a team leader, i only setup the dev environnement once with docker compose. Then all my teams only have to get my docker compose once and do a simple docker-compose up -d and have their dev environnement ready in minutes. They don't need to understand docker to make it run.

It's cheaper, faster, and bonus has better carbon footprint than any cloud solution out there.
If it where me, trying to create an alternative to github codespaces and likes, i would not try to go on their market. It's already tiny. And would try to disrupt that and make a solution that works on the desktops and focus on making this product able to communicate with other instances... Like you know, decentralized communication. This i would buy...

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