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Thu Nghiem
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Build Registration Page with HTML and CSS in 30 minutes

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Building a Login/Registration page can be tricky. In the video, by using HTML and CSS, I will show how to create Behold registration form.

We are going to work with:

  • Inputs, Form,..
  • Grid, Flex, Media query, Transition,...

All the resources will be provided. If you want to try before watching the video or code along, be sure to check out the resources and design below:

πŸš€ Download the resources and design:

🏝 Source code: You have to create yourself

πŸ“ Text Editor:

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» BEM naming convention:

β›‘ Other tools that I use


For other resources, check out

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Ivan Jeremic

Very nice

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Thank you

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Prince Takyi

Thank you this tutorial.

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Thu Nghiem

you are welcome :) don’t forget to subscribe the channel. I’ll make more in the future