10 Fun API's to Inspire Your Next Project 💻

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Don't know what to build?

There are so many cheap and free awesome API's online that you can use to inspire your next project or to get some portfolio projects together.

In this video, we will explore 10 different API's that I think are fun and easy to use.

If you just want the list of API's you can check them out below. 👇


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Hey, we also have free API with no API key



I'll definitely include this in another video, nice API, great work


Hey there! I am working on disease.sh, a free and open source disease API, we currently support covid19 and influenza data but are working on getting more sources to gather data from! I would really appreciate feedback and maybe you could add us to your next list? 👍


Ooh dang! I think I'm going to have to add some honourable mentions to the end of this list ❤


Thanks, Niall. I am definitely gonna mention your article in my next newsletter.


Nice collections Niall! My favorite is jservice.io


Cheers, yes it's pretty good! I think because I play cards the cards as an API is my favourite ❤


Haha I find it quite curious that anyone would use a web API for a deck of cards. Thanks for the nice list and vid!


Well it just means you could focus on the UI and not the logic which might be helpful 😁 Glad you liked it! ❤


Nice collection, Niall!
My fav is Advice API: have a random problem in your life — get a random advice.

Not related: I also had lots of fun with Canvas and Web Speech API recently:

Now thinking of plugging some 3rd party API there 🤔


I already had it bookmarked actually! Thanks for reminding me, really wanted to look at this. Good job 💜


Yeah! I'm working something fun with omdbapi!


I love Poke-API! Next blog post idea: list of project ideas just for that API.


That's definitely my most used one anyway


Has anyone used the Alpaca API for trading? I really want to build something with that API sometime soon.


I haven't heard of this one, let me check it out 🤔


No problem! Happy I could help 😁


A very good collection Niall. I look forward to use them in my next project.


Can't wait to see what you build!


I had never heard of the Open Movie Database API before, but now I definitely have to use it for something! Thanks so much for sharing this list!


I used it years ago to learn React! I'm a big fan


Thanks, that's a useful list.

This could be a fun project for learning:


and slightly more useful:



Nice, I've used the openweathermap as part of a tech test before but the GoT one is awesome!


I almost forgot this one. Another fun api for a learning project?



Thank you for putting this together! I've been wanting to do the #100daysofcode challenge and this has given me an idea or two to get started!


Awesome I'm delighted it helped! ❤


These look interesting - thanks for sharing!


Hopefully you get something cool built 😁


Man thank you so much for these Ali's. I really ran out of ideas of projects.


Dang well hope this topped up the idea bank! 🧠


lol I thought here would be some words on every of the ten... so only a like but thats not worth a unicorn 🤪


Hahaha I'll fix it up with some summaries soon! I usually edit my content a lot and thank you


The AdviceSlip API looks nice because it's so simple.
I did a small demo project with OMDb API recently, it's on Github if anyone is interested: github.com/Amarok24/OMDb-search


Nice one! Going to take a look ❤️