πŸ‘‡ Drop Links to Your Linkedin so We Can All Connect πŸ’œ

nialljoemaher profile image Niall Maher ・1 min read

Are you on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has still opened up more opportunities than any other platform so if you aren't, create an account!

I've made friends, huge financial gains and a huge network of smart people by being a little active on there. Best time to start working on your profile there is when you don't need it. πŸš€

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Let's all connect on LinkedIn, drop your links below. πŸ’œ

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You can add your LinkedIn link to your profile already. Clicking on anyone's name will get you there.

Personally, I don't think I'd ever make "friends, huge financial gains" on LinkedIn, but you can add me if you want.


Well, that's where all the business owners and recruiters hang out. Give it a shot!


Nowadays LinkedIn is full of spam posts. Business owners don't reply to our messages. 😟

Well I just present myself as available on my profile and share free tips for businesses so that they want to reach out to me and my business.


Agreed LinkedIn is important for professional networking! I think every developer should at least have a profile even if they aren't very active

Here's my profile:



Well if someone wants to discuss Linux stuff, CentOS, etc or Proxmox (Virtualization) anything on FOSS I am available.

I prefer XMPP and you can reach me at clickme.sh@xmpp.is

You can connect with me on LinkedIn ;).

Edit: I sent you a request on LinkedIn


Not sure what is the gain in making lots of unrelated friends on linkedin.com unless these new friends are liking all your posts etc.

I think it is probably better to develop your profile by updating with relevant info, creating blog posts and engaging with other people direclty on linkedin in the form of comments likes etc


Related for me, I like to post dev stuff on LinkedIn and hopefully can connect good people. You never know who you could help, who works where or could help you in the future. No winning by keeping your network too small either. LinkedIn has been awesome for me and my career anyway. Likes are for vanity but I get plenty of people connecting every day who I try help and also help me. Like most things, you get what you give πŸ’œ


This will be amazing! I've been on LinkedIn a lot before even I started dev-ing, I think that's the best place for making professional connections, though I still love Twitter more and spend lot of time there.

Would love to connect with you! πŸ™Œ



I only recently set mine up, even though I am not looking for a job, I thought there is no harm in being present there!



Plenty of businesses training staff too, you could always help them! Not only for job seekers. I'm not looking either πŸ’œ


Agreed LinkedIn is important for professional networking!

Here's my profile Connect with me πŸ‘‡


if you aren't, create an account!

I am not old enough to create one. πŸ˜‘