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Getting Started with Freelancing with Kyle Prinsloo | Web Designers and Developers

LIVE 6PM+1GMT or watch the replay below.

Maybe you want a little extra income or to start your own business.

I will be having a chat with the awesome Kyle Prinsloo on how to start your own freelancing business in this event.

Kyle helps web designers and developers launch and grow their own freelancing business.

Kyle has an awesome story and I'm really excited to be able to chat with him about his experience and learn from him.

This chat will be very unscripted and open to YOUR questions so we are hoping it will be very interactive.

You can find Kyles course here:

He also has an awesome podcast here:

Follow Kyle on Twitter here:

Hopefully will be useful to all levels, beginners are welcome. 💜


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afnan432 profile image

Brother, I am newbie and I want to become web developer How to get started web development freelancing career? And which is the language I must need to know?