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Stream News! Week of 10/1/19

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first in a series of news segments we'll be streaming (and then recapping) every week on Twitch.

Here's the VOD for the stream (feel free to watch while it's still available), followed by a summary of what we chatted about.

πŸ’œ Follow β‡’ @NinjaBunny9000 on Twitch
πŸ”΄ Watch β‡’ Twitch VOD (replay)

πŸ“’ TwitchCon Recap

  • The con was A-MAZING!
  • Highest colored-hair to natural hair-color ratio I've ever witnessed (even more than raves!)
  • The Live Coders dinner was RAD!
  • The TwitchDev Mixer was DOPE!
    • Met so many other amazing contributers and Live Coders
    • Got moooooore swag
    • Played dearts w/@_clarkio
  • Got lots of swag (including a silent shaker bottle!)
  • Lots of potential partnership opportunities, will share more soon!
  • Learned what was causing the audio glitches during IRL streams!
    • Special shoutout/thanks to UnlimitedIRL for helping troubleshoot & providing a great service and hardware for us IRL streamer nerds.

πŸ“’ Weekly Schedule Improvements!

  • Schedule going out every Monday (~9am PDT) on Twitter
  • Will be pinned for ez reference
  • Schedule adjustments will be posted in the tweet thread
  • Next stream's info will be posted in stream descriptions after every stream like this: stream title

πŸ“’ Defining Stream Format a Little Better

  • Discovering and honing in the stream "brand" (I know, I hate that word too...) has gotten a little easier but it still hasn't been very consistent or explicit.
  • We have more of a foothold now on the content direction, and I'm enjoying streaming it a ton. It's time to make it a little more official and explicitly defined.

Introducing some... "Segments"?

This is going to be the general format of things, altho it may change week to week, depending on my work/travel schedule.. But that'll all be a part of what gets posted every Monday on Twitter (the official weekly schedule).

Mondays β‡’ Channel News & Chat
Tuesdays/Thursdays β‡’ Code & C H I L L
Saturdays β‡’ Code & G A M E S (or music)

πŸ“’ Creating a Community Pledge

We talked about the idea of creating a community pledge or oath. Some sort of mechanism for positive-reinforcement to enable the community to BE EXCELLENT and avoid toxicity.

The main goal of this is to create a skeleton for other communities to modify and use. I want to avoid having a set of "rules", and for it to all be voluntary.

Not sure of the best name for it.. Maybe Community Tenets???

πŸ“’ Next TwitchCon

  • Try and raise money to send a couple of the mods to TwitchCon

What's next for the stream?

  • Get raids working again! This was the #1 commented on content from other streamers and community members. They really miss it (and I do too!).

πŸ“’ Content

  • Will be writing news, tutorial, op-ed content on from now on!

πŸ“’ YouTube Channel Launch

  • First series planned, details will be announced soon!
  • Will coincide with writeups
  • Major focuses of the channel will be...
    • Streaming tips & tech tutorials
    • Python & programming tutorials
    • How to get started live coding

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