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Using SDL2: Update for Pong

Sorry for not updating sooner. I was busy with several things including building my own PC, installing Linux and setting it up to my heart's content, and I am currently learning OpenGL. All of these things have kept me from updating the series.

But I can't beat around the bush for any longer.

I'm canceling the Pong clone creation.


Mainly because I don't know to properly write code for a game. When I first began Pong, I almost didn't plan anything. The only part I had planned was the update and draw construct for each class. Before I wrote this article, I was trying to get collision detection for the ball working. It then hit me that with this code it wasn't possible. At least not cleanly.

I wish I had this realization sooner, but the code would need some serious refactoring before continuing. I am not going through the hassle of it and decided to cancel the series.

But Using SDL2 in C++ will continue. I hope to get another article up in a day or two.

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