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What’s an online community you really love?

Meetups are useful as long as you’re willing to go outside once a month, and work communities can be lovely until you change jobs, Twitter can be great but it’s impossible to recommend a good list of whom to follow; I’m curious what communities have been a great place for you to hang out as a developer through the changes in your career. Some of mine:

The Wes Bos Slack

  • initially the first place I got help with, as Wes says it javahscreept (I’m sorry Wes I love you), I still go here from time to answser a few questions from new developers.

Stack Overflow

  • I know some people are into cool substacks but I still like following certain tags in plain old Stack Overflow

I’m curious if you have favorite:

  • subreddits
  • Slack(s)
  • SubStacks
  • discussion boards

Let me know in the comments!

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