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What is NoCodeAPI ?

NoCodeAPI is trying to bring the world of APIs under one roof. One place where we can manage our everyday apps like google sheets, airtable, stripe, gumroad and many more. (Click here to explore our marketplace). Our workflow is simple 👇

  • Find your app in our market place.
  • Get your api key from the app's official website.
  • Create your nocodeapi URL.
  • Use the nocodeapi URL to manage your app.

For example

To pull a small row from your google sheet should not be difficult. But, with current lengthy Google's Documentation – it is confusing. With NoCodeAPI, we only need our sheet's Id that is inside the sheet's URL. And in 1 click we can have our own Google Sheet endpoint (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE). Fun is when we do not have to ever read any 3rd party app's documentation and in fewest click we can manage our app.

These apps are integrated in a similar style. If we learn to use Google-NoCodeAPI integration. We can use this knowledge to build our Stripe App to list our charges, manage airtable or build a telegram bot in exactly similar style.

It is not only easy. But also lets us bypass limits. Like, Airtable has a limit of calls we can make to fetch our data. But using NoCodeAPI, these calls are cached and we save a chunk of our bucket on repeated calls.

Features of choice

⏲️ Bypass Limits — we cache your requests to let you skip maximum limits

👊 Hassle Free — You do not waste time

🤯 No Server Headache — You can send a simple ajax request to fetch all the data

⚡ Fast — Because there is no need to write server side code, you will save a ton of time focusing on Front-end only

🔑 Secure — Your calls are secure to make.

✳️ Logs — We are offering Logs to your all calls. It helps if you lost an important endpoint.

🧮 Track your API limits — To make sure you are in control of your requets, your api calls history is available inside your dashboard

🖱️ Click & Click -> API ready

📜 Mini Documentation — Each application has focused and to the point documentation.

Our Popular Integrations

Google Sheet · Google Analytics · Instagram Feed · Youtube · Airtable · Goodreads · Zoho Mail · AWS S3 · Vimeo · Wordpress · Mailgun · MailChimp · Webflow · Pocket · Spotify · Calendly · Stripe · Twitter · Cloudinary · Telegram · Ghost · Medium · Slack · Open Weather · Uptime Robot · Github and more are coming every week.

Our Road Map

You can track our progress on our new roadmap page Roadmap & also you can submit your API integration request or any feature suggestions.

Looking ahead !

We hope NoCodeAPI helps you save time and money. We are building a ton of new features which we are excited about.
You can find us on twitter. Happy Coding.

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Fajar Siddiq

Awesome write up about NocodeAPI! ;)

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Visakh Vijayan

Toooooo costly.