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4 FREE Resources To Boost Your Node.js Developer Career ⚡

Do you want to speed up your Node.js career?

These are the resources I wish I knew when I started learning Node.js, and guess what? They are completely FREE:

1. Event Loop 🔁

An animated guide to understanding how Event Loop works under the hood.

What's better than learning through animations and graphics?

2. Broken Promises 💔

Using promises correctly is crucial to maintain Node.js performance and writing clean code.

✍🏻 James Snell & Matteo Collina-

3. Async Iterators 🔃

Knowing iteration protocols is essential to write more modern and idiomatic Javascript code.

✍🏻 Luciano Mammino -

4. Streams 🚰

Learning streams allow us to build efficient Node.js applications.

You can build a video streaming service or ingest and transform terabytes of data, which is in great demand nowadays.

✍🏻 Luciano Mammino -

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