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Teenage Software developer Journey (short version)

Noman Gul
Muhammad ﷺ follower Web/App Dev• Freelancer• ❤ React / React-Native• Be Strong and Code On!
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2017 => now()

16-year old => 19 yo

Matriculation => Leaving college

Going college in my father rickshaw/auto => Working remotely

printing 'Hello world' in android phone => Using ThinkPad for day to day coding (still not comparable to MacBook but much better than smartphone :p)

'a shy person' => Attending Hackathons, local events, expanding my network and learning new technologies

Turned down on for "not enough experience" => Receiving job offers via LinkedIn and GitHub

Learning from my couch => Working from my own Home office

Knew nothing => Know something

Just write stupid small apps.

With lots of practice, you will eventually become a great developer. Although, you may never consider yourself that as you should always be seeking out learning more and more.

In the end, the thing matter most is your 'curiosity'. It's your curiosity about 'How things work' which will lead you somewhere...

Good Luck!

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justaashir profile image
Aashir Aamir Khan

Thanks 😄 for sharing Noman.

Such an inspiration. I ♥️ how you represent Pakistan. We're all learning, we have a long way to go and Mash'Allah you're doing well.

muhammadwasif profile image
Muhammad Wasif

You're an inspiration 💓

hassansuhaib profile image
Hassan Suhaib

Ma Shaa Allah! An amazing journey!

hinasoftwareengineer profile image

So much inspired 🙂🙂. Motivated me a lot as now I am shy and attending events to get about new technologies. Allah gives you many more. Insha'Allah

akasshd profile image

Awesome Post, Noman...
"Curiosity" indeed helps us to succeed in life:)