DEV.to Javascript API Lib? Interested?

nombrekeff profile image Manolo Edge ・1 min read

I'm thinking of creating a js library for the DEV.to API, as I can't find any library already done. I know I could use the API directly, but I like to have the option to use a library for making quick prototypes and in the end, it can make the code more readable.

I thought of making a post about how this could be accomplished, would any of you be interested?

An if so, what kind of lib would you be interested in, a plain old Javascript lib? a NodeJS one? Both?

Maybe it should be done with Typescript?

If there is enough interest I will create said post!


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Definitely in TypeScript :) and if you provide a declaration file it is better!


Okay, thanks for the feedback, I will consider it. Although typescript can generate declaration files for you :)


I'm definitely interested in this and would love to help. A node.js one makes sense to me, but portable for the browser too.


Yup, I also think it would make more sense for node.js


Yeah, I would definitely love your help, I was actually considering making a post asking to make this into some kind of OS project that we (dev members) could all collaborate in.


I guess let's start putting together the desired API for it? Once we have a blueprint for the first iteration, we can start assigning tasks...? Just an idea.

Sure, I will create the first iteration myself, just to be able to make the post about it, and then we can start making it better if that is okay with you?