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Bruno Noriller
Bruno Noriller

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Memento mori: your startup is still not a unicorn

You know how interviewers love to ask the question “where do you want to be in 5 years”?
Well, it just so happens, this is one of my favorite questions to ask... companies.

Where will company be in 5 years?

It always depends on who is asked, but generally, the founders are those most hyped.

Being a programmer or creator, you probably can relate to how they treat their “babies”.

It’s not about your idea

Most of the time, as good an idea it might be, it’s not enough to make a unicorn.
Few become a unicorn because it’s also about timing and luck.

Why the hype is bad

Many I’ve asked talk with passion, and it’s good they do!

But some seem to be blind to all the flaws of their idea and, worse of all, they just think that everyone will just use it and recognize it as the best thing ever.

Memento mori

You’ve probably heard about how Julius Caesar and other Roman emperors would have this whispered to them in their moment of triumph for them to remember that they aren’t infallible.

Why you might need an “Auriga”

Auriga is the one who would whisper “memento mori”, and you might want someone like that working with you.

Someone like that would be someone that would have challenging questions, that will tone the hype with real concerns that someone with rose-tinted glasses might not think about.
It would be an ungrateful position, where you would be seen as a buzzkill, pessimist, or something worse.

But someone, somewhere at some time will make the same questions, and then you be grateful to have an Auriga having asked those same questions before.

An Auriga could also be a beginner

Companies sometimes seem like they want “cult members” of the brand and it would be unthinkable to hire someone who doesn’t use their service.

But exactly the beginner is someone you want a handful of, they will see and ask questions about what you think is “obvious”.

The beginner journey is also what makes people stay or leave, so new people will certainly have the most impact on that journey.

What would you be an Auriga for?

If I were to be an Auriga, I would probably be for blockchain (crypto and NFT).
I can see it can solve real-world problems, but meme coins and collectible monkeys...

Or for a social network... since it’s something I don’t really use.

So... What you be an Autiga for?

Cover Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash

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