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What I learned so far by writing 14 posts everyday

What I learned so far by writing 14 posts everyday


  • To collect topics about which I write a post everyday, I became more eager to keep studying (someone says that now method became more important than its purpose. But, What I can get as a result is the most important 😄)
  • To submit a post everyday, I came to be more careful with time management
  • I'm feeling I became A little bit more familiar with English language


  • So hard! (just because I work everyday, too!)
  • Each post is likely to be shorter and less informative
  • ...It's 11:46 p.m. now...hurry up...

What I should do for better performance

  • Acquire fluency in English so that I can write faster
  • Learn how to summarize and visualized what I learn everyday
  • Learn how to write posts informative to others

As for third task, the reason is that I'm "taking a room" in this community site. Even if they are so open-minded, here is not my personal space. In addition, I want to give back something to others as anonymous people on the web did for me when I was a newbie.)

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