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Study Log: Reading Vue's RFCs (2)

Continued from the last post, I've reading active RFCs of Vue.js.

Now, I'm reading the last one, composition API, which I skipped at first because it is long.

I would like to visualize what I learned about RFCs. That's because the reason I write posts every day is not only keep my motivation to learn things but improving skills of writing about them in English. I hope trying new ways would be helpful for that purpose.

By the way, I'm feeling that most of posts I've wrote so far are not informative to other people in this community. They are just "memo" about my study. Should it be Twitter that I write down daily thoughts?
I'm not sure to what extent the contents can be written freely.

In addition, I'm tweeting every time I write a post with #DevCommunity hash tag. Should it be only when I think the post is informative to others in the community that I add this tag?

I decided to not attach 2020 tag to posts of my devjournal since it's included in the title of the series. This change is applied to the past posts as well.

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