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2019 Achievements 💪

2019 was particularly rich for me. This is a reminder for me to don't forgot and to keep moving forward in 2020.

  • I started to teach Android for a professional formation
  • I have everything ready to launch my own app business in 2020
  • I started a new job with lot of challenges (with a nice rise of income 🤑)
  • I learned a new language(Kotlin) and I love it
  • I learned a lot about modern Android development
  • I have participate at Hacktoberfest (and got the T-shirt 😊)
  • I can watch any talks or series in English without subtitles
  • (off topic) I validated 7a/5.11d grade outdoor climbing 💪

What are yours ?

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mtmb profile image

Congrats bro,
Impressive achievements indeed