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Languages, libraries & frameworks to avoid in 2020

Nicolas Verinaud
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What a catchy title, and you clicked on it ! 😜

I'm gonna be brief : avoid learning any languages, libraries & frameworks next year.

Instead, I suggest you to focus on one thing : doing your job, as a programmer, really well.

That is :

  • be more disciplined, computer science is a science and it needs care ; careless programmers create mess, bugs and make their company loose money & opportunities,
  • seek for deep knowledge beyond the next React / Angular / Vue / [insert hype here] version, for example go learn why you probably do not need kafka or event sourcing or microservices,
  • pick your already-known-so-boring-day-to-day language and learn how to not create bugs with it everytime you touch your favorite codebase ; learn how to design using the powerful features of it ; read books about writing code that are easy to read & understand instead of Vue documentation,
  • learn how your business works, you are creating software for real people, be empathetic with them.

That's it, brief I said. πŸ˜‰

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actually thinking about it a bit further, as I always used to like to compare coding with cooking, we could also say it like this: "rather than trying out every new kitchen robot that comes out on the market, spend more time sharpening your own knives and learn how to use them properly"
Also sharper knives help to do better elephant carpaccio ;) <3

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well said buddy!