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A List Of Themes And Starters For Jamstack Sites

We just launched a resource for everyone looking to build Jamstack sites. You can find themes and starters for a variety of static site generators like Gatsby/Hugo/Jekyll/11ty/etc as well as modern CMS like Contentful/Forestry/Sanity/DatoCMS/NetlifyCMS/etc.

The site is powered by a Github repo so feel free to submit new themes:

GitHub logo stackbit / jamstackthemes

A list of themes and starters for JAMstack sites.

Jamstack Themes

A list of themes and starters for the Jamstack and static site generators.

Submit A Theme

Anyone can submit an open-source theme by doing a pull request.

  1. Fork this repo and create a new markdown .md file in content/theme folder. For example
  2. Add the required front-matter as shown in the Example Theme below.
  3. Submit a pull request

💡 Another option is to add a new file using the Github UI (click the "add file" button)

Example Theme

title: "My Theme Name"
author: authorname
date: 2019-08-20
  - Gridsome
  - No CMS
  - Bootstrap 
  - Blog
  - Portfolio
description: This is an amazing theme and this is a small description about it!

# A simple starter kit for Gridsome

This theme is a lightweight starter
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There are currently 161 in the list and we hope to get closer to 500 in the coming weeks.

Here's our tweet announcing the site:

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Fajar Siddiq

I love this one!