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A List Of Themes And Starters For Jamstack Sites

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We just launched a resource for everyone looking to build Jamstack sites. You can find themes and starters for a variety of static site generators like Gatsby/Hugo/Jekyll/11ty/etc as well as modern CMS like Contentful/Forestry/Sanity/DatoCMS/NetlifyCMS/etc.

The site is powered by a Github repo so feel free to submit new themes:

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A list of themes and starters for JAMstack sites.

Jamstack Themes

A list of Themes and Starters for JAMstack Sites. https://jamstackthemes.dev

Submit A Theme

Anyone can submit an open-source theme to the gallery using a PR.

  1. Fork this repo and create a new markdown .md file in content/theme folder. For example hugo-air-.md
  2. Edit the markdown file with the required front-matter as shown below.
  3. Submit a pull-request with the title Theme Submission: theme-name
  4. You do not need to generate the Github stars or theme screenshots. Please just submit the markdown file in the PR.

The markdown file should contain the following front-matter.

title: "My Theme Name"
github: https://github.com/username/repo
demo: https://www.demo.com # Please make sure this links to the theme demo and not your personal/business site
author: authorname
date: 2019-08-20 # Enter the date you submitted the theme YYYY-MM-DD
github_branch: master # Specify the repos default branch
  - Gridsome #

There are currently 161 in the list and we hope to get closer to 500 in the coming weeks.

Here's our tweet announcing the site:


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