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I was looking back on a bit of Python code I wrote a year or two ago for a nanotechnology facility and remembered that as part of their process they move the 'device' back and forth a few nanometers before finalising their settings. I coded the function that did it as 'shoogle'.

(หˆสƒสŠษกษ™l ) or shoogie (หˆสƒสŠษกiห) dialect, mainly Scottish

  1. to shake, sway, or rock back and forth noun
  2. a rocking motion; shake

I still feel absurdly pleased with myself that some ยฃ50m nanotech plant is 'shoogling' every few hours.

I got to wondering - what words have you snuck into code that you are secretly pleased with?

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I wrote an entire spec class using the names from all the Marvel heroes. I guess I didn't really sneak it in bc in the PR review everyone LOVED it. Any new devs that handle that code now always ask, who named all these variables?! That was ME! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

PS you might want to add a #discuss tag to this post to help get more eyes on it with responses


That's great :-) We do that kind of thing with server names - you can trace a history of what bands, books, TV shows etc people have been into down the years by little flurries of DNS entries :-)

I'll add the discuss tag - thanks for the pointer! :-)

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