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Oliver Mensah
Oliver Mensah

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Recent Computer Science Graduate: Taking a Full-Time Role vs Getting into Rotational Programs

Has anyone gone through software engineering rotational program? Would you recommend that journey more than taking a full-time role after graduating from college?

For those who don't know about the software rotational program, it is an intake program for graduating Software Developers, with the opportunity to rotate within our Software Engineering department for certain period to give them multiple layers of technology and accelerate their career.

Do you know of such programs and which ones would you recommend for recent graduates willing to delve deeper into software engineering?

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I do not know much about "software rotational program" - but if it is some academic institute/start_up trying to make you more suitable for professional work and boost your career, then do not do it.

While doing full time job, you will learn more than any other course or program.

My vote: Go for full-time role. (Here I am assuming that you are getting full time role as a software developer)

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Michael Kwaku Aboagye

Yes. I agree with Harshit. In addition, some remote start-ups allow CS graduates or self-taught engineer to works as intern for them a period.

This opportunity exposes you to different levels of knowledge in real-world engineering.

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Oliver Mensah

Awesome to hear about this.

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I also think that a full-time job is the best idea, there are companies out there that offer rotation from front-end development, full-stack development, systems design, low latency programming, networking, quantitative development, and everything in between. If you can find one it will be a big +!

Galante, webmaster @

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