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HTML, CSS & Javascript good enough for a Newbie?

HTML, CSS with a sprinkle of Javascript, will likely not land you your first role as a Developer, in 2020.

With this, I welcome you to my first public article.


This tweet made rounds on #techTwitter, and most persons mistook Danny for a gatekeeper who was raising the entry-level bar for noobs.

Smacking a few pixels around, and being able to lay them out properly on a page, to be displayed in browsers about a decade ago, would land you, your first job as a Web-Developer. Unfortunately, it isn't so anymore!
At the time, it wasn’t expedient to know more for starters, as most firms had a training culture for Juniors, and in their ranks also, were senior developers who were committed to training and retraining, which ultimately, would result in your professional growth as a noob.

Circa 5years back, this training culture for junior developers, create a gap that resulted in the Bootcamp boom experienced around the world. This, saw to companies outsourcing a huge chunk of their internal training programs to Bootcamps, trusting their expertise to train committed and passionate noobs to become world-class developers, who can be hired.

This background story isn’t to share the evolution and proliferation of Web programming but to share insights on how events have evolved to this point where, HTML, CSS and a bit of Javascript would not open the doors so easily anymore.

I bet you’re asking, what should I know?

As it stands, there’s no general consensus on what stack or knowledge depth is sufficient, however going by statistics as gleaned from open job positions, it’s expected to know the following depending on your pick of the development-side.

At base, you are to know
⁃ CSS3
⁃ Javascript(ES6) - Arrow functions shouldn't be alien to you.
⁃ GIT (Github/Gitlab)
⁃ Command Prompt

From this point, you can then choose the side to fight for.


If you choose Client-Side Development(Frontend)

⁃ React or Vue or Angular.
⁃ Preferably, a testing framework alongside.

➡️ Read more about the Frontend Developer Roadmap for 2020 here

For Server-Side Development(Backend)

⁃ PHP (Laravel) or NodeJs(Express) or Python(Django)
⁃ Database ( SQL & No-SQL; most tend to pick MongoDB or MySQL)
⁃ Preferably, a testing framework alongside.

➡️ Read more about the Backend Developer Roadmap for 2020 here

⁃ Everything above.
⁃ AWS or GCP (the basics)

Before jumping into any framework, please understand, NOT cram, the basics of the language.

As I bring this to a close, here's a list of awesome resources that have helped me so far.
PS: This isn't an exhaustive list, neither am I affiliated with any of the tutors

FreecodeCamp: Always grateful for Quincy's vision to start FreecodeCamp. That is the ultimate learning resource for beginners.

Dr Angela Yu: Angela, is so resourceful. She simplifies the concept behind every step and I highly recommend her lectures. I look forward to meeting her someday, so I can at least buy her coffee and say, thank you.

Brad Traversy: Please, follow his YouTube channel if you cannot afford to buy his courses yet. Brad is mindblowing!

Codecademy: They’ll get your hands dirty with so many projects that will up your skill.

Maximilian Schwarzmuller: He goes an extra mile to ensure that his student understands the art. He puts up courses on Udemy.

If there are other resources that have been helpful to you, please do not hesitate to suggest them in the comments section.

Conclusively, remember, starting out with an easier language will make it simpler to master complex languages later. As your career progress, you'll get to master not only one but multiple languages, as it'll deepen your versatility and success in any programming environment you find yourself.

With love ❤️

Olu the Devangelist! #Reskill

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Thanks for your posting. If you want to learn frontend development then you should learn html, css and javascript then our frontend will be cover while, if you want to learn backend development then SQL and php you should learn We have backend roadmap you can go that link and Learn the roadmap properly. I think it helps.

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Thanks for this!

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You're welcome Izzy!