Show your latest Medium article in GitHub Readme

omidnikrah profile image Omid Nikrah ・1 min read

3 weeks ago, GitHub adds a feature that enables you to make your profile more usable and beautiful using a README file.

By using GitHub Readme Medium, you can show your latest medium article in your READMEs.


Copy-paste this into your markdown content, and that's it. Easy Easy Tammam Tammam!

Change the ?username= value to your Medium's username.

[![Omid Nikrah Medium](https://github-readme-medium.herokuapp.com/?username=omidnikrah)](https://medium.com/@omidnikrah)

Omid Nikrah Medium


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Oh, this is interesting. I'd love to hear more about how you built GitHub Readme Medium.


Thank you. It's open-source and you can check it on my GitHub account.