📊 Show your StackOverflow profile status on your readmes!

omidnikrah profile image Omid Nikrah ・1 min read

Recently, I have made an API to show your latest Medium articles in GitHub Readmes, Now you can show your StackOverflow profile status on your readmes by using my new project.


Copy paste following markdown into your markdown content, and that's it. Easy Easy Tammam Tammam!

Change the ?userID= value to your StackOverflow's username.

[![Omid Nikrah StackOverflow](https://github-readme-stackoverflow.vercel.app/?userID=6558042)](https://stackoverflow.com/users/6558042/omid-nikrah)

Omid Nikrah StackOverflow


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Nice. I wonder how far can SVG go. (interactivity and security?)

polv StackOverflow

BTW, what's with the space at the bottom?


Oh Thanks :) I will fix it.