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Hello fellow devs!

I have a question for my future vector of posting on this site - would you like to read something about information security practices for "normal" (i.e. not in security industry) people? I mean post about communication security, best practices in usage of major operation systems, security on the web and so on...

I sincerely don't know if it belongs here, on forum primarily oriented on web development, but if you'd like to read something about these topics...I would be happy to share my knowledge/experience :)

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I think it might be useful for tools and best practices for developers to incorporate security as part of their development process like DevSecOps.


I'm very interested, especially security on the Web. Other than knowing the most basic things about XSS and SQL injection, I always have this feeling that whatever I'm creating for the Web wouldn't hold up two seconds against an adversary, and that I might be legally liable for something that may happen to users.


I would probably take it more from the defensive side of security (especially user-oriented). But you know I'm so busy these days, that there's no chance to write even simple article :/


You have my vote :D And I think it belongs to as well!


I would love to read about both general and advanced security but it's my especialization so idk if my vote counts. Hope to read more about it over here!


Thanks a lot, Paula, of course that your vote counts, unfortunately I'm super busy these days doing development, I need to set thing up and find spare time for further posts.
Thanks for understanding :)

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