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Latest DevOps Blogs, Boards and Books to check out today

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I am currently working in the "DevOps" area . Since I originally looked after small cute PHP applications, this was of course, somehow a jump into the cold water.

Thanks to the Internet, there is enough material for reading , to deal with the subject. If you are interested, whats in my opinion are must be read blogs, pages and books on the subject, feel free and read this little post in peace.

I've also taken the trouble for you, and listed only the links, where somebody is still alive. In any case, all this links are followed by myself. Except for the Blog of “”all are in English language.

Blogs with fresh stuff




Slack Channels for DevOps

Want to chat to some other Op Folks?

Books to read

Yes if you buy one from those link, i will get some pennies…


You know more good Blogs, Podcasts, Links, Books or whatever .. please feel free to leave a comment or use this form to suggest a Link:

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By the way, from time to time I will create some more of those, so follow me on twitter: @ophasnoname

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