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Java runtime management automation with SDKMAN! .sdkmanrc

👉 Intro

Recently I had to onboard a new programmer in our Team. His first programming experience is to add a feature to an existing Java based SDK Project.

Our culture in the team is to use Open JDK flavors of Java,...

still that was not mentionned in any

And once I asked him if he had installed his java runtime he answered me :

"Yes, take a look, I've just installed the AWS's one."

At this moment I told my self and to the team that we should enhance this part of the onboarding process...

so people would know on which distribution and version of our Java runtime we should work, as part of project's source code itself.

The same week, I saw the following tweet :

That was showing how to achieve this without having to write any documentation and by providing the desired target runtime... next to source code ❣️

👉 The purpose of this post is to show how to achieve this within a live demo.

🍿 Demo

🔖 Killercoda

You can play by yourself with the demo with the dedicated Killercoda scenario :

OPT-LABS | Killercoda

The home of OPT-NC's killercoda scenarions for DEVOPS & Innovation.


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