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Going Deeper with Nuxt

Well, well well... It's been a while since my last post in this series.

Obviously, I don't have to worry about not having enough spare time right now. Y'all know why.

But honestly, after the second post I'd basically exhausted my then-current knowledge of Nuxt. But since then, I've been experimenting and learning (oh have I!) and I figured now's the time to share some of what I've learned about Nuxt, and about JavaScript/web development in general in the last couple of months. Thanks @almostconverge for the giving me the motivation to continue this series.

For Starters

I'm just going to assume you already got a Nuxt app up and running if you want to follow along. By all means, check out the first two articles in this series in you need a refresher, and visit for all things Nuxt.

Also, since a lot has changed over the past few months, if you somehow have been following along, by all means try executing this in your Nuxt app folder:

$ yarn upgrade --latest
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(Yes, I'm a Yarn user. NPM? You mean "Nautical Pirate Moustache?" But seriously, though; if you are using NPM, the commands are super similar; usually yarn dev or what have you is npm run dev. In this case, gee, I dunno; check out

I guess. Or maybe do npm outdated then look on for the specific packages to find their latest versions, then add those to your package.json)

You may as well update everything (though at your own risk; it might break stuff.) in your Nuxt app anyway, since the Nuxt dev team has been doing some big updates in rather rapid succession lately. Cool stuff!

That out of the way...

Let's get down to the actual article, shall we?

Psyche! Sorry, but I have so much to discuss here that I'm splitting it up into separate articles. I've started a new series on Nuxt, so check out the first post below (you'll see a Table of Contents there with the rest of them).

There are a bunch of mini tutorials and things, so do check them out if you want to do more with Nuxt.js.

Also, I got a whole bunch of examples running at, so take a look if you want to see them in action.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep coding, everybody! :]

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