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What does a good Resume/CV look like for an aspiring Web Dev?


I was wondering as someone trying to transition from a support role into a development role what should my CV look like when I am applying for Junior/Dev roles? What do I emphasize?

I have been creating some projects on the side while learning to code (at various levels) do I list all these inside my CV? Should I have a single portfolio and list them on that?

Does the community have any advice on how I should present myself to hiring companies with my CV/Portfolio?


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Maxime Gaston


Regarding the side projects, I would not list all the side projects. Only the major ones, the one you are most proud of with a quick description, and give a link to your repository for the recruiters to see the rest or discuss it during interviews.

Also, I would not describe too much your support experience, and also put it after your skills and projects as you want to present yourself already as a dev.

Finally, do NOT skip the hobbies!! This is (to me) an important section. It tells the potential manager that you are interesting as a person, that you might match the team's culture and that you are not an antisocial person that never leaves his keyboard.

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Johannes Millan • Edited

There are likely 2 kind of persons looking at your CV. A human resources guy and a person with some technical background, likely to be a programmer in your area. You need to make both of them happy. You should take care to mention all or at least most of the skills mentioned in the job listing you're applying for. Apart from that: Don't bore people. Put the relevant stuff in. Reading lots of long resumes is probably not much fun for most people. Try put yourself in their shoes. What would they want to know for the role they're trying to fill?

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