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5 communities you can join as a developer (+how to join them)

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1. Tech Twitter

This is the best community of developers out there in my opinion

How to join it?

Search for some big accounts in the niche you want to join (web, ml)

Reply to their tweets

Start writing your tweets

Share your work

Talk to people in the DMs

2. Dev. to

This community is a bit different because:

You can both engage in the #DevDiscuss and post article/engage with people on their blogging platform

I recommend starting with being active on their platform and then moving to Twitter

3. Hashnode

This is another amazing community of developers

This is the one I'm part of too and I recommend every developer to do the same too

How to join this?

Write articles (lots of articles)

Reply to other's articles

4. Reddit

There are lots of subreddits for developers like r/learnprogramming, r/programming, and r/webdev

How you join these?

Help people that ask questions

Share tips/advice

Join conversations

Share your work

5. Facebook groups

There are lots of groups for developers out there like: Learn Programming, Programming for Beginners and Web Developers

You can pretty much find a group for any niche you are in

How to join these?

Help people with replies

Share tips and advices


Whatever community you decide to join you need to give VALUE

Don't just ask questions and never give something

Share your work and form connections (like you did in school😅)

The end

I hope found this useful and if you did please let me know. If you have any question feel free to DM me on Twitter .

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Temani Afif

What about Stack Overflow?

pascavld profile image
Pasca Vlad

I never tried that one so I cant recommend it