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Everything I know about learning how to code as a beginner developer

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1. You need to find a resource that works the best for you

It could be video courses, docs, or interactive tutorials

You don't know which one is the best for you if you never tried all of them

This is what you should focus on before starting to learn

2. You need to take notes

This will not only help you stick the knowledge in your head but it will also help you for reference later

Use a website like Notion or Evernote and write everything you learn about

Each week or month go over these notes to see your progress!

3. You need to be consistent

Coding is something new for your brain and he needs time to understand it

One thing that can help speed up this process is being consistent

This way you expose your brain more to coding so it will understand everything faster

4. You need to play around with concepts


Let's say that you learned about function today

Then build 5 more functions on your own

After that use a function with some loops too or with anything you learned in the past

This will prepare you for building projects

5. Courses don't teach you programming

Programming is different from coding

Coding is just writing the code

Programming is more than writing code. It is about debugging, solving problems, and more

You learn programming by building projects on your own

6. You don't need to learn everything

If you're a developer HTML, CSS and JavaScript is enough to build websites

Maybe learn a framework like React but that is not necessary

You don't need to learn every new technology that appears

7. "Master" the fundamentals

You'll use the basics 90% of the times

If you don't have a good base everything you'll try in the future will fall apart

Take your time to learn these and "master" them

8. You need to build projects

This is the only way you get to the next level because you can't just watch tutorials all-day

This will be the part where you'll learn the most

Remember that you need to learn to program not to code

The end

I hope found this useful and if you did please let me know. If you have any question feel free to DM me on Twitter .

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