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How to host your WordPress websites for under $5 (a step by step guide)

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1. First you need a domain

Luckily because I'm a student I have access to the GitHub student pack and got a free domain from there

I got it from [here(

If you don't have a domain already I'll recommend buying it from Namecheap

2. Finding the hosting

I spent 5 days looking for a good place to host my WordPress websites

I was looking for something safe, cheap, fast, and which allowed me to host multiple websites

After a lot of research, I found Stellar Plus from Namecheap

3. The process of hosting the website

Buying the hosting is easy, you just add it to your cart and either buy a domain from them or add yours

After that, you'll have access to cPanel which is the tool you'll use the most

4. Getting a SSL

I got my SSL from CloudFlare

They offer free SSL which is great. All you need to do is create an account and add your domain

After that, they'll give you some nameservers you need to add to your domain

5. Setting up your first WordPress website

Now you need to add your domain into cPanel and then install WordPress for that website

Here is an article that can help you with that

Also, there are tons of other articles on this topic

6. Wait

It takes a few hours for everything to setup so you should wait a bit after completing all these steps

For me, it took around 2 hours but it can be different for you

After that, you'll be able to login into your WordPress website directly form cPanel

7. Creating multiple websites

With Stellar Plus you can create unlimited WordPress websites which is great

You could either buy a domain for each website or create a subdomain on CloudFlare where you got the SSL from and create a website on it

The end

I hope found this useful and if you did please let me know. If you have any question feel free to DM me on Twitter .

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