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Patricia Nicole Opetina
Patricia Nicole Opetina

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Library Project 📖

Entry for The Odin Project's library exercise under the full javascript path

Live preview can be found here

One can add a book in the library with its title, author, a brief review of the book and a pseudo-name of who added the book.

WIL/Thoughts 🤔

  • Firebase

    I was looking for a free online database and found firebase. The site allows user to add books and saves them in the firestore. It is similar to a mongo database, where for each project, there is a number of collections and for each collection, there are documents. In this project, I am saving each book as a document.

    There are also a lot of ways in which firebase can be added in an application, one through CDN and another through npm/yarn. I opted to use CDN for this exercise. Why? I do not have any particular reason, to be honest, it felt more convenient 😆.

    I also checked the documentation to check how to connect my site to the project in the firebase, and that went well.

  • TailWindCss

    I wanted to try some CSS frameworks outside from what I have already used like bootstrap and material. It does not feel different from the two.

  • JS Revealing Module Pattern (RMP)

    I tried this pattern to practice closures in JS. RMP defines functions in closure areas and only use variables on access. I think this is a nice way of doing encapsulation, without all the boiler plate of OOP languages.

This is the 3rd entry of the series. They are very simple, tweaked exercises for the refresher topics in The Odin Project.

Github repository of the project can be found here

As always, cheers to continued learning 🍻!

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