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Remote VPS vs localhost tunneling (aka how big droplet size would you choose?)

Linode gives away 100 USD for free, for me to waste (currently 20 USD per month), and it is like DigitalOcean.

Edit: 100 USD is also present in DigitalOcean new account. Both DO and Linode only gives 100 USD for 2 months. My thought? Create a new account wisely and strategically.

I actually have a lot of credits on Google Cloud as well (not my first email), but when promotion of 1 year ends, I will suffer the price...

It's a continuation of another post, and I don't have to create swapfile yet.

I use 4GB RAM for now, and the performance is in every way superior to SSH tunneling with

I did try turning laptop to server as well, but not only I have to turn on 24/7; but also I cannot move laptop, as well as having to login to (physical) Internet Router everywhere, therefore troublesome...

I also tried It works, I don't know how to auto HTTPS here...

In case you don't know, VSCode + DigitalOcean Droplet is just like WSL - not that much hassle.

My real doubt

How big DigitalOcean Droplet size should I choose? Is it really a good idea to be economical?

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