What are current limitations of search engines?

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For example, what do you find hard to find on Google search engine, or some other custom search engines (e.g. on e-commerce websites)?

Not to mention that although popular search engines should largely the same, they are slightly different in relevancy. (And somehow Google Search is slightly better...)

Perhaps this topic is also about full-text indexing and NLP in general.

There are also other aspects in relevancy, like indexing the images' meaning? videos? colors itself?


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Well, the most thing I found really annoying in google (the only search engine I use actually) as a developer is the lack of support for non-alphanumeric characters.

Sometimes you want to search for a small block of code you found on StackOverflow or a very specific error message from a famous framework but you can't, since it contains a lot of non-alphanumeric stuff.


Hahaha, Google is slightly better. This line cracked me up. Have you ever experienced the Quora Search Engine?

Quora is a big player in the online world, still their searching sucks so immensely that the best way to search anything there is to use Google.

The direct competitors to Google would be Duck Duck Go or Bing. But frankly, in my experience, Google is winning the race by a head.

Thus, I would conclude that any custom search engine would rather inferior to Google.


Try some prerendering services.


Why isn't it open to criticism?


I found later that there is how it works -- google.com/search/howsearchworks/a...

Though, I do also hear about black hat SEO and evasions. So, how much is the black list affected? What is manual, and what is automated?

Also, I am currently interested more in indexing limitations, and full-text-search limitations. Don't focus too much on "Google LLC". (Although I am indeed interested in why do Google, Bing, Yahoo, DDG give different results.)