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Which Linux distro / which lineage do you use?

Pacharapol Withayasakpunt
Currently interested in TypeScript, Vue, Kotlin and Python. Looking forward to learning DevOps, though.
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I mean, for more than a few months or years or so...

  • If you use Ubuntu, or Debian-based; then it is probably a no-brainer?
    • That includes, if you had to compile from source.
  • Arch Linux, or Arch-based, like Manjaro, should have quite a large and thorough documentations, because of Arch itself
  • What about Fedora, CentOS, OpenSuSE, BSD, Oracle? How do you survive those?
    • Somehow, DaVinci video editor is developed in CentOS.
  • Have anyone tried Darwin-based?
  • What about Alpine, or something else? Do you need a desktop environment at all, if you can survive with CLI, or perhaps, tmux?
  • Does it affect you Docker distro of choice?

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octowaddle profile image

I use Fedora with GNOME. Fedora is stable and still has up-to-date software. It also pushes new technologies that are likely to be the future of Linux desktop like Wayland, BTRFS and PipeWire. The vanilla GNOME experience is also great!

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I agree with you. I tried the KDE spin too but I didn’t find the same experience than with GNOME so I tried other distros with plasma, but I’m back to Fedora gnome after some days. I’m not able to find the same feeling with a KDE distro and I will keep trying distros.

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Alex Lohr

I use VoidLinux with xfce and can wholeheartedly recommend it for advanced users who want something equally stable and hackable between Alpine and Arch with a sprinkle of gentoo. As a front-end developer, I need a DE, at least for the browsers. I can make do with vim, but prefer vscode.

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Chandu J S • Edited

I'm using Arch Linux with KDE Plasma

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