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Kubernetes and Free Resources

How Kubernetes Works?

How Kubernetes works
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In Kubernetes, there is a master node and multiple worker nodes, each worker node can handle multiple pods.
Pods are just a bunch of containers clustered together as a working unit. You can start designing your applications using pods.
Once your pods are ready, you can specify pod definitions to the master node, and how many you want to deploy. From this point, Kubernetes is in control.
It takes the pods and deploys them to the worker nods. If a worker node goes down, Kubernetes starts new pods on a functioning worker node.
This makes the process of managing the containers easy and simple.
It makes it easy to build and add more features and improving the application to attain higher customer satisfaction.

Finally, no matter what technology you're invested in, Kubernetes can help you.

This list should cover the whole damn thing on earth about Kubernetes.

1. The Game of PODs is a FREE fun and challenging set of challenges to be played on Kubernetes -

2. Get an in-depth primer on this powerful system for managing containerized applications -

3. Get hands-on experience with container orchestration -

4. A hands-on introduction to Kubernetes by the OpenShift team -

5. Get familiar with the concepts of Kubernetes -

6. Scalable Microservices with Kubernetes -

7. Kubernetes Webinars by Janakiram MSV -

8. Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine -

9. A curated list for excellent Kubernetes sources -

Download the free Kubernetes books below,

> Microsoft is giving away this full O'Reilly Kubernetes book for free -

> The full copy of 'Kubernetes Patterns' e-book is available for FREE. Thanks to Red Hat for providing this. Go, grab your copy today -

So, are you planning to move to Kubernetes?
Take a look at this whitepaper that will help you with some best practices for taking your containers all the way to production.

Hope this list is helpful:)

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