What do you use for organize yourself? --to do list managers--

pedropcruz profile image Pedro Cruz ・1 min read

Well, my doubt is simple: I need to organize work, family stuff and hobbies, need a good app for organize all that kind of stuff. Do you use something cool and OS (Open Source) and have app for iOS? Many thanks!


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For work we use a combination of github, asana, slack, and calendars. Personally, I just use a lot of calendaring for both events and to-do reminders--- I have a shared calendar with my partner and friends as well.


what type of calendars you usually use? From Google? I am trying now using zoho app's, which one of them is a calendar. It's cool?

Many thanks for your feedback! :)


Yeah, I just use the original Gmail app because it syncs w/ my life very smoothly!


I had the same issue trying to figure out the best way to organize things for me. Being in university the biggest issue was organizing all of the things I had to do. It's not FOSS but Wunderlist has honestly been the most helpful thing to me. It's a straight up to-do list. You can further organize tasks into tasks within tasks (subtasks), lists (I usually have School, Work, Personal, and Groceries) and assign tasks to dates.


thanks so much for your feedback mate! :)


I found Asana quite useful, but since my business moved onto Office 365 I use the Microsoft To Do app.


Asana it's cool for companies projects as well ;) Thanks for your feedback! :)