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Do you stream live programming / design stuff?

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Have you been using YouTube, or Twitch, or Scrimba, Discord, Slack, or ___________ to share your live programming or design practice?

We know that we have to have some special streaming gear - and especially a ridiculous chair... but what works best?

Do you have any experience with this stuff yet? How are you sharing live stuff?

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We use Zoom for our classes / and whenever we just jump online and help people in Discord. Then we use the screen-hero video stuff that Slack bought in there.

But we want to do more live Q&A - and live HTML and CSS (that might not be as exciting as JS!... haha) - but it's where people seem to need the most help / and it's visual -

Twitch seems to run really slow... / but maybe we'll try it on a better computer. Then - we could also do YouTube live / and really - you can do both at the same time.

Not sure what the best solution is yet!