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CTA Button Update

Current State

Currently, my partner and I, Andrew, are in a decent spot. We have a very basic button at this point. We have been following our in class lectures very closely as they have been very helpful to us. We just got some of our initial issues solved in class on Thursday, including issues with GitHub. We also just added in our icon in class on Thursday. We have the save icon on our button right now but we may change that to another icon in the big list that we were given.


Our biggest issues with this project thus far have really come from GitHub. My partner and I have little to no experience using GitHub so it is taking us a while to get used to doing basic tasks like pushing code. Besides that, we have run into issues with quotes ("") in the code. We found out in class on Thursday that there is actually issues when copying and pasting code and that where our problems came from. I had sent my partner a snippet of code that I had and it was pasted incorrectly in our code.

Items Learned

I have actually learned a lot thus far in this project. I have gained a lot of skills regarding coding HTML and also using the command line to perform tasks. I have never really used the command line in other classes. Like I spoke about earlier, I have also learned a lot about using GitHub as well. I am looking forward to completing our button and seeing the final product.


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