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Perry McLaughlin

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What I would do

What App Would I Make

If I had the chance to make any app I want I think I would make an app that I was actually just thinking about today. It would be an application where people could post about the length of lines at restaurants and bars. This would be a sort of social media application that is based on your location. So for example, if you location was in State College, you could sign in and post a current estimated wait time or length of a line at the restaurant you just got into. If you were told a wait time, then you could just go in and post that estimated wait time so other people at home who are thinking about coming, can know ahead of time what to expect. I find it very frustrating if I drive all the way to a restaurant just to find out theirs a 45 minute wait. I think it would be such a simple small application to make and would just need active participation for it to become successful. This could be something super popular in a college towns like State College for bars as well with so many students who go to the bars on weekends. I think it would be very popular among kids. They could just check the wait time at a bar before even leaving their apartment/house.

What I Would Do With My Life

This is a very interesting question that I thought would be simple to answer but I ended up having to think pretty hard about this one. If money and time did not matter at all, I would want to use my skills to do something that I would actually enjoy. I think some of my skills that I have obtained during college are along the lines of good business process knowledge, technical communication skills, and project management. So I started to think about things I could do with my life while using those skills. Most of things that came to mind were careers that honestly don't sound super enjoyable. So I came up with an idea of helping people invest money into tech companies. I think I have really good research and judgement skills and that could really help me help others decide to invest in a tech company/product or not. This is definitely a risky career choice being that your pretty much in charge of other peoples money and if you're wrong, they lose that money and won't trust you anymore. I think it would be super fulfilling to help first off your client by making them money off a good company/product that they invest in, but also that company/product their investing in is receiving that capital to reach their goals. If I got an investor to invest money in a start-up project, then that could really get that project off their ground and make their dream a reality. It would probably be a very exciting job where you don't really have the same work on a day to day basis which interest me a lot. I think doing the same thing day after day would just be so extremely boring and not fulfilling to me. I also think the feeling of really making a good call on investing in a company/product would be so exciting not only for me, but all the other stakeholders involved. I could also build up the trust of so many people through my hard work which sounds like a really cool thing to me. I would get to travel around all over the country and get to meet and speak to so many people. I am sure I would have the opportunity to meet some awesome people. This career choice may not be the most realistic, but I think it would lead me to being very content with going to work everyday.

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