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Boilerplate Summary


I will start by comparing the different boilerplates that my group has started to look at. We look at VueJS, Angular, React, and StencilJS. The first thing that I noticed is that the README files for all of them actually proved to be very helpful. I would say that probably the least helpful README was actually for the Angular, which is what I was specifically taking a closer look at. I noticed that the React and Angular boilerplates have very similar file organization which made it easy for me to navigate the files between the two. The gitignore was somewhat different for each of the boilerplates. They all also had very similar LICENSE information, I assumed they would be.

Easiest DX

I am not 100% certain which would be the true easiest DX to get going. The answer I am going to go with though is either React or VueJS. I have little to no experience with either but I know they are very popular. After taking a deeper look into the two, I feel like VueJS would be more simple based on the amount of files included in the React folder in our current repo. There is so much information that overall just made me more and more confused about how React works.

Starting an app tomorrow

My reasoning for making my selection may not be the best reason but I am going to say I would select React, even though I just said above that I don't think it is the easiest the learn. I am saying this because of all the popularity I have seen from it. I did some research and it seems like most companies are looking for developers who have experience working with React and that it just helps your career in the long run. In my past experience this summer working my internship, I know that company I worked for would push their developers to even learn React during the work day. So I think creating an app using React would just be beneficial to me in the long-run, even if it may be more difficult to learn.

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